Monday, 2 May 2016

"The Driver's Call" on Google play store

Google Play:

The Driver's Call is now on version 12.3 after close to two years of development due to frequent updates. With constant updates this app competes with top apps on the app store in terms of quality of gameplay and quality of graphics. It has been a very slow process because I've had to build everything from scratch. The 3d modeling of the cars and the buildings, the texturing, programming, gameplay, UI design were all done by me alone. I use blender for the 3d modeling. I also use unity3d and c# to develop the game.

Privacy Policy

Android Advertising ID

collection of user's details is used in the recommendation of in game ads. In no way is the data collected being used by the developer for monetary and personal gains.

Information collected through android advertising ID is not linked directly to the user of the device. (for example, linking Android advertising ID to mac addresses or IP addresses).

Whenever users delete this app and reinstall the app again, Former android advertising ID is not linked to current android advertising ID.

Users details collected through android advertising ID is not sold to a third party.

In-app purchase

Payment information would be collected should users wish to make in app purchase payment. None of the users data is stored or accessible by the developer.

Information collected during payment would not be sold to a third party.

Payment is made solely for digital goods that can be consumed in the app only.

There would be no refunds for digital goods that have been purchased by the user.

The digital products sold are typical of "what you see is what you get". For example, when users purchase "10 golds" of game currency, such users would get exactly "10 golds" of game currency.

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